Traffic info

Due to the large number of visitors there are changes in Türi’s traffic management during the fairs.


  • On Tallinn street, which leads from the city center to the squares of Kalevi street, the speed from the intersection of Väike-Pärnu street to the intersection of Tehnika street is limited to 30 km/h, and stopping on both sides of the road is prohibited.
  • Traffic from Tolli street from the intersection of Raudtee street to the entrance to Türi Ühisgümnaasium has been changed to one-way and stopping on the left side of the road is prohibited.
  • Kalevi street (within the territory of the fair) and Liiva street between Kreutzwaldi and Kalevi street are closed to traffic.
  • During the fair, a temporary parking lot is open in the area between Rapla-Tallinn highway and Kaare street. The streets in the vicinity of the fair can also be used for parking in the manner permitted by the traffic regulations.
  • There is a parking lot for buses on Tehnika street.
  • During peak hours, the use of more remote car parks is inevitable.
  • The main entrance to the fair is located on Kalevi street. Entrances are also open to visitors on Tolli street, at the intersection of Liiva and Kalevi streets and on Ujula road.