Lot price

19.-21. May 2023 Türi Flower Fair price list and conditions.

  • Seedlings, plants €20/m
  • Garden products (Garden products grown in Estonia, garden supplies (tools, soils, peat products, plant protection products, mulch and other products that facilitate and decorate gardening) 25 €/m
  • Handicrafts and handicraft supplies sales point on 11th and 12th road €30/m
  • Miscellaneous goods – handicrafts, handicraft supplies, industrial goods, construction goods on 16th road 45 €/m
  • Industrial goods, construction (building materials, hot tubs, saunas, greenhouses, grills) 45 €/m
  • Groceries, sweets, berries without the need for electricity 45 €/m
  • Groceries, sweets, berries with an electricity requirement of 57 €/m + the cost of electricity consumption.*
  • Catering at the food court 80 €/m + the cost of electricity consumption.* When registering, we ask you to briefly describe what type of catering you are engaged in and to install seats for customers in front of the sales point.
  • Advertising spaces, political parties 80 €/m + the cost of electricity consumption.*
  • Sale on the fair territory without a sales point – price negotiable
  • Children’s attractions and traders who need a larger trading area – price negotiable.
  • Wristbands are issued to traders as follows:
    2-5 m sales point 2 pcs
    6-8 m sales point 3 pcs
    9-10 m sales point 4 pcs
    Trader at the food court:
    4-5 m sales point 4 pcs
    6-8 m sales point 6 pcs
    9-12 m sales point 8 pcs
    If you want additional wristbands, the price of a wristband for three days is €10. Discounted wristbands are not issued during the fair. Different additional agreements must be made in advance, for example additional employees on different days.

* Cost of electricity consumption.
The price of kWh is calculated as follows: the power of the equipment is multiplied by the number of hours of operation and then by the cost of kWh. 1kWh = 0.40€. We take into account the maximum consumption capacities of the devices and continuous consumption.

The prices in the price list include VAT.

  • To reserve a sales place, you have to fill out a sales place application, starting from February 1.
  • The minimum width of the point of sale is 2 meters.
  • The trader must stay within the limits of the measured point of sale. Parking is prohibited in the common areas of the fair.
  • The exact sales locations on the fairgrounds will be determined and invoices issued starting from 01.03.2023. The reservation of the sales point is granted after the timely payment of the invoice. For all reserved spots, a sales ticket is issued via email.
    Changing the place of sale during the fair without the permission of the fair organizer is prohibited.
  • Resale of the point of sale is prohibited.
  • The trader is obliged to keep the trading place open during the opening hours of the fair Fri 19.05.2023, 9-19, Sat 20.05.2023 8-19, Sun 21.05.2023 8-15 and to sell the goods and services specified in the application for the sales point.
  • When registering, you must include all electrical devices that will be used, their capacities and the time of use(Thursday or Friday). The trader must have functional extension cords and the electrical equipment used must be well and comply with current standards. The submitted units are checked on the spot.
  • A generator can only be used when an agreement with the fair organizer has been made.
  • The trader will keep the point of sale and its immediate surroundings clean and at the end of the fair will hand over the sales point in order. The trader must also take the generated garbage to the designated place. The general cleaning of the site is ensured by the organizer.
  • Traders are only allowed on the fairgrounds after presenting a sales ticket, and starting Saturday all traders must have wristbands. The sales ticket must be visible at the trading point.
  • Cancellation of the sales point and refunding must be sent to the email, lillelaat@gmail.com, no later than May 9, the sales point fee will not be refunded in case of later notice.
  • All traders must comply with the laws of the Republic of Estonia (including traders who sell and/or prepare food must have informed the Agriculture and Food Board about their activities in advance. Plant sellers must have plant passports that meet the requirements).