Tickets are sold at all entrances.

Ticket prices in 2024:

  • Visitor’s ticket on Friday, May 17 – 5€
  • Visitor’s ticket on Saturday, May 18 – 5€
  • Visitor’s ticket on Sunday, May 19 – 3€
  • Admission is free for children under 12.

NB! You can pay for the ticket with a card only at the ticket office on Liiva street, Kalevi street and Tolli street. In other ticket offices, you can buy a fair ticket with cash.

Tickets for group visit can be ordered in advance by email: On group orders the ticket for the tour guide and the bus driver is free.

To order tickets for the group, please send us the company’s details, how many and for what day you want the tickets. There are different tickets every day, so you can’t visit the fair on a Saturday or Sunday with a Friday ticket. We take group orders until 29th of April.

After paying the invoice, we will mail the tickets to the address you provided. The cost of shipping is added to the bill.