Participant conditions

  • Traders are only allowed on the fairgrounds after presenting a sales ticket, and starting Saturday all traders must have wristbands. The sales ticket must be visible at the trading point.
  • The trader is obliged to keep the trading place open during the opening hours of the fair Fri 17.05.2024, 9-19, Sat 18.05.2024 8-19, Sun 19.05.2024 8-15 and to sell the goods and services specified in the application for the sales point.
  • The trader must stay within the limits of the measured sales point. Parking in the common areas of the fair is prohibited.
  • Changing the place of sale during the fair without the permission of the fair organizer is prohibited.
  • Resale of the sales point is prohibited.
    When registering, you must include all electrical devices that will be used, their capacities and the time of use(Thursday or Friday). The trader must have functional extension cords and the electrical equipment used must be well and comply with current standards. The submitted units are checked on the spot.
  • A generator can only be used when an agreement with the fair organizer has been made.
    The trader will keep the point of sale and its immediate surroundings clean and at the end of the fair will hand over the sales point in order. The trader must also take the generated garbage to the designated place. The general cleaning of the site is ensured by the organizer.
  • Cancellation of the sales point and refunding must be sent to the email,, no later than May 7, the sales point fee will not be refunded in case of later notice.
    All traders must comply with the laws of the Republic of Estonia (including traders who sell and/or prepare food must have informed the Agriculture and Food Board about their activities in advance. Plant sellers must have plant passports that meet the requirements).